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Michele is an accomplished researcher, writer, analyst, and project coordinator. I had the opportunity to work closely with her when she was one of the mainstay’s of our Business Development group at Pressley Ridge. She impressed me greatly in those days with both her conscientious approach to assignments and the high quality of her deliverables.  In addition, she was one of our best in-house writers and a grant writer par excellence.   

A few years later I contracted with Ms. Puzzanchera to put together some leadership development training manuals.The materials at hand had to be edited extensively, and in some cases rewritten, and the entirety converted into a workable whole. The final product, produced under a tight timeline, consisted of several manuals comprising the essential Leadership Development program for Pressley Ridge. Thanks to Michele Puzzanchera, it was a project well done with an exemplary product to prove it.  

Jim Doncaster, 

Chief Learning Officer (Retired)

Pressley Ridge

Michele’s writing, research, and program evaluation services have been a valuable asset to Open Minds. She also brings knowledge of communication and outreach strategies and new technologies that benefit our projects.  We have come to rely on the quality and thoughtfulness of her work.  She can see the big picture and uses excellent judgment to bring projects to completion independently, while managing all budget and time constraints. Her warmth and integrity are a terrific asset in building client relations.

Susan Chase


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