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Technical Assistance 


Let's talk about working together. 

Let’s work together to tell the whole story of the work you do and the impact it has

to ensure you can continue that work in service to your mission.​​

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Helping nonprofits demonstrate their worth.

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Outcomes Measurement

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Outcomes Reporting

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Measuring outcomes data establishes the impact of your organization’s work.

I know what you are thinking: Why must I measure? I already share the story of what we do and who we serve, isn’t that enough?

Sadly no, and here’s why.

Everyone already measures your organization. Donors, funders, board members - nearly everyone you touch - is making a judgment about your success. It's time to take your story beyond counts of people and activities to get at the heart of the effect your program has. Assessing outcomes puts you back in the driver’s seat when it comes to defining the success of your work and enriches the story about how you change lives. It provides valuable data allowing you to strengthen internal decision-making, funding proposals, marketing and fundraising materials, and advocacy efforts.

Demonstrating how what you do creates real change for the people you serve:

  • Sets you apart from other nonprofit organizations
  • Informs planning and increases program sustainability
  • Shows your effectiveness
  • Provides a foundation for growth that will benefit your community

Measuring and reporting program outcomes has never been more important. Shifts in funder focus, budget battles, and an uncertain future for those in the nonprofit sector makes it paramount to show your work and worth in the face of increasing demand for limited resources. 

​I help nonprofits define success and develop realistic measurement plans to demonstrate that success.